Secrets from the Tower
Secrets from the Tower
by Bob Richards

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Bob Richards

A Powerful, rare and original look into the important world of a Chicago O’Hare air traffic controller        

Secrets from the Tower is a terrific, thrilling, well-written, funny read, for its fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of an air traffic control tower, and will be enjoyable for anyone who’s ever traveled by air. It’s entertaining for its anecdotes, informative about air traffic, and also poignant, in terms of the life lessons the book delivers, and its tales of love and loss.

Secrets from the Tower by Author Bob Richards gives the reader an inside look at the life of an air traffic controller at one of the world’s busiest airports.  Thousands of people travel via air every day and give little thought to what is happening behind the scenes. Secrets from the Tower brings the reader close and personal to the action that.  Bob Richards has written an exciting, captivating, and sometimes heart-breaking, true story of a fledgling air traffic controller becoming one of the most experienced in the industry.  Secrets from the Tower details not only the fast-paced, high-pressure life of an air traffic controller but also how that lifestyle affects a man and his family. Secrets from the Tower is a must read for travelers, aviation buffs, and autobiography lovers alike.  Secrets from the Tower is witty and heart-wrenching, fast-paced. 

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Bob Richards, author of Secrets from the Tower
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Bob and Harrison Ford
Bob and Harrison Ford
Oshkosh Air Show, 2008

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